#161 – Saving lives without them knowing you’re doing it?

Christian Lehinger is the CEO and CTO of Connected Mind (Connected Body, LLC). Connected Mindô is a mental health assessment tool designed to help healthcare providers take the guess work out of diagnosing and treating their patients for depression and other common mental health conditions. Its logic engine helps to accurately identify those conditions and provide better patient care. Connected Mindô helps providers to make an informed decision regarding referral or treatment.

Christian is a results oriented and visionary executive with proven leadership experience. He has a unique out-of-the-box approach and strong ability to lead diverse teams of both technical and non-technical people. He is adept at motivating people to reach their highest potential by clearly aligning the company and the employee around a higher vision and purpose.

Christian has sat on the boards of both for-profit and not-for-profit companies, providing leadership and oversight as well as a strong vision and technical expertise. He is well connected across multiple industries including healthcare and information technology. He is big picture problem solver and a patented inventor. Christian is high energy with a unique background and an entrepreneurial bent.

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