#205 – Technologist trusted by private equity firms talks cyber security and the dark web.

Clark Sandlin, President & CEO of Zyrka, is a native Texan raised with deep roots in the DFW area and has cultivated the trust of some of Big D’s high net worth movers and shakers. His passion is to share his vast understanding of technology and break down IT strategy in a way that is accessible to a non-technical audience. He excels at helping business owners and Private Equity partners achieve their bold technology goals without the risk and the big IT budget. He serves or has served in a technology advisory role for Tom Hicks, John Muse, Andrew Beal, Kelcy Warren, Hicks Holdings, HM Capital, Caelus Energy, Insight Equity, Universal Display & Fixtures, Fandango.com, Satori Capital, Capstar Broadcasting (Clear Channel), and many others.

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