#207 – Can technology save brick-and-mortar retail?

Daniel Black, a Silicon Valley native, is often referred to as an entrepreneurial rebel for choosing to launch his retail technology company “Glass-Media” in Dallas, Texas. Since moving to Dallas in 2013, Daniel has quickly become an integral part of the startup community/ecosystem. In February 2015, Daniel was co-featured on the cover of “D CEO Magazine” in an article entitled “The New Faces of Dallas Tech”. Later that year, he was named a finalist for the Tech Titans-Emerging Company CEO Award and was honored in the Tech Titans Gala. Daniel is a firm believer in giving back. In addition to being a founding member of the Forbes Dallas Business Council, Daniel is a mentor for a local, leading venture accelerator and remains actively involved with the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center and various other entrepreneurial organizations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Daniel recently joined the Auburn University Apparel Advisory Board and enjoys lecturing at colleges and universities.

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