Alex Doubet
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Alex Doubet is an entrepreneur intent on building a platform to make the home buying and selling process better for US consumers. Alex is the CEO of Door, a full service, next-generation real estate brokerage firm. Door charges a flat rate of $5,000 per side no matter how much your home sells for.

Door believes the independent contractor model used by traditional real estate brokerages is broken. Because traditional real estate agents do not know when they will get their next paycheck, their strongest incentive is to find the next deal, not concentrate on yours.

Door’s real estate agents are employees because they believe that hard-working professionals managing what is frequently the largest transaction in a person’s life deserve great incomes and a company culture that fosters growth (both personal and professional) and learning. They believe that this model creates a company that is completely client focused.

Founded by an entrepreneur with a history of success, and backed by a team that has transacted more than $200 million of real estate in Texas, Door is now one of the fastest growing residential brokerages in Texas.

At Door, they are all working to build an unrivaled platform for unlocking the world’s home equity. They cannot wait to talk with you and work for you to successfully buy or sell a home.

Door is a licensed Texas real estate brokerage entity operating as Door Texas Realty, LLC in the state of Texas.

Alex Doubet in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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