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Andrew McJannett-Smith moved to the USA from London England, via Hawaii back in 2010. He had spent over 20 years in the IT industry as an IT Manager and IT Consultant, after many years of being involved in a negative environment and having to constantly problem solve, he had the opportunity to move into the entertainment industry and together with his partner & wife Traci, they managed to start the first multi-room Escape Room business in the DFW area: Escape Expert, LLC.

After many months of setting up, the business took off and was picked up by many news agencies like “CBS – This Morning Show”, “Kidd Kraddick and the Morning Show”, “CNBC – Strange Success” and in the “Dallas Morning News – Guide Live” allowing their escape room business to be an overnight success and market leader. Due to some city issues with a certificate of occupancy the business was closed down whilst in its prime. But Andrew not being one to give up re-opened the business again, 6 months later. This is when they relocated from Dallas to Plano and moved into an even larger building which now gave them the title of “The Largest Escape Room in America”.

Andrew and his wife/partner Traci still have a lot of work to do, to turn this new location into the same success story that they had with the older one. The unique selling point they have over the competition still, is the shear size of the building and the participant group size that they can handle. Andrew decided to focus on the corporate team building side of the business, due mainly to all their business contacts they had already acquired and also the ability to host the largest of groups (Around 100) that nobody else in the Texas area can handle in one session.

In Andrew’s free time he still loves gadgets, computers and flying, as Andrew was already a pilot in the UK before emigrating to the USA. Andrew loves the new Plano location and also plans to move to the same area soon to be closer to work. Both Andrew and Traci love to give back to the community by offering non-profit charities donations for fundraisers. They have also just become Rotarians in East Plano and plan to give back to the community by way of service as well as donations.

Andrew McJannett-Smith in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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