#162 – Brain Injuries Lead to New Business

Shawnee Harkins dreamed of becoming a fire fighter and EMT, but that dream was threatened when a traumatic brain injury (TBI) left her a quadriplegic on life support. Not one to accept being told she canít do something, Shawnee worked her recovery while keeping the dream alive and suffering two additional TBI’s. Not only did she realize the dream of becoming a firefighter and EMT, but she found new dreams to realize including being a Celebrity Fitness Trainer on TV shows, having shows of her own, and now, Neuro State of Mind, a fitness training program for people with TBI’s. She has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show on CBS, The Hydra Executives on Showtime and Exercise TV on Comcast/Time Warner.

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  1. Quite interesting how repeated traumatic brain injury can be so detrimental to someone’s mental stability (a la CTE), but responsible reactions to traumatic brain injury can lead to ultimate success. Its almost like moderation is an important virtue in life (cough… NFL)

    1. Thank you, Rohan.

  2. Thank you Bob Gibbons for a wonderful interview! Truly appreciate your contribution to the Neuro community!

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