Burt is the founder and CEO of New Life CFO Services whose services include:

  • Fractional CFO
  • Outsourced controller and accounting and
  • Business intelligence dashboards for Financial and operational performance
  • Serving business from $5mm to $300mm.

Burt started his career in public accounting, obtained his CPA and worked in the Audit Group of a Big 8 CPA Firm, which he describes as “…being skinned alive with a butter knife”.

Luckily, he was recruited to work in the Consulting side of the CPA firm focused on:

  • Turnarounds, Workouts, Bankruptcies and Litigation Support. There he learned:
    • That Cash is King, and that
    • Operations and Sales produces real net income… NOT Accounting.

After Big 8 consulting, he worked in New York for PepsiCo, leading financial and operational reviews, expansion of food service into KFC’s franchisee’s and strategic planning of the food service division.

He then served as the CFO of several companies culminating in his promotion from CFO to President of a $60mm construction company. Ultimately, he purchased the North Texas operations from the parent company, which his team grew from $7mm to $14mm in 3 years prior to selling the company to a Strategic Buyer.

After this, he decided that the best use of his experience was to serve other Entrepreneurs to ensure Their Companies can both:

  • Reach their full potential so the entrepreneurs can harvest Their sweat equity,
  • Avoid the financial landmines that can blow up Their aspirations.

As a result, he Created New Life CFO Services for the specific purpose serving entrepreneurs, their families and their employees who rely the entrepreneur for the well-being of all.

In short, Burt is an Entrepreneur who just happens to be a CFO.

Burt Copeland in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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