Clint Strong, Managing Partner and Founder of Connectrac®, is a successful entrepreneur and experienced architect. Strong began his industry career as a Project Architect for Dallas-based Spencer Design Group in 1994 focusing on corporate interior design and construction.

After nearly six years honing his skills, Strong launched his own company, Strong Architects, in 2000 specializing in his passion for residential design in historical neighborhoods while continuing his service on corporate projects.

Working on a variety of projects requiring unique power and telecommunications access to accomplish his design goals, Strong realized there had to be a better solution. Repeatedly, the demands for innovative design were challenged by the expensive, disruptive and sometimes impossible industry solution of core drilling or trenching to bring power and communications from the wall of a space. As a result, he invented the first generation aluminum wireways as the genesis for today’s durable and flexible Connectrac® In-Carpet Wireway and Connectrac® On-Floor Wireway, the new Connectrac® Under-Carpet Wireway, and an impressive array of innovative and proven products to solve nearly any power and telecommunications wiring need in interior applications.

Strong holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance, from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor Degree, Architecture, from the University of Kansas. He lives in Dallas, TX and still pursues his interest in historical architecture, gardening, the arts as well as “green” living.

Clint Strong in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner.

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