#163 – Dump corporate, make your side hustle your main job

Christina Rossini is a sales professional with 10 years of experience in telecom and IT consulting sales.  She’s consulted with mid-size companies throughout the country, helping to enhance their data & voice network infrastructure.

Leveraging her sales and business experience from her telecom career—and sparked from a social innovation field trip to Mexico–Christina created an importing and distribution firm, Inissor International Holdings, to bring to market the Capeltic coffee brand to the USA. Capeltic, a social innovation enterprise co-op comprised of and serving an indigenous farming community, produces organic, fair trade coffee, honey, soap, and handmade artisanal embroidery. The co-op pays their member farmers a sustainable, livable wage as well as global market access for their products. The co-op exists as a sustainable economic model and provides an alternative to migration.

Christina is the founder of Lighthouse Partners, where she builds community by creating international, faith-based group spiritual excursions. She creates peak moments centered on spiritual and religious travel for pastors, choir groups, bible studies, and lay people throughout the world.

Guided by her mission of living an intentional life, everything she does centers the values of gratitude, community, and creating peak moments. These themes are braided into her philanthropy work as chair of the Holy Trinity Catholic School board, keynote speaker and advocate for living kidney donation for the National Kidney Foundation, and marketing and communication for Heritage Oak Cliff.  Christina resides in Oak Cliff with her husband Mark and her bossy dog, Sadie.

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