Garry Booth

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Garry Booth grew up in New Jersey and attended Bucknell University. During high school and college Garry studied computer science in addition to receiving a degree in Business Management. After graduation, Garry worked for a couple of manufacturing companies in the steel and textile industries in various capacities, ending up as Plant Manager. While working in those companies, Garry was able to rekindle his interest in computer science when the personal computer was introduced as he worked to integrate this “new” technology into plant operations.

Garry moved his family to Dallas in 1990 in search of fertile ground to start a business that would combine his business experience with his interest in technology. Garry started Internetwerx with the idea of helping companies embrace new computer networking models in concert with their specific business objectives to improve efficiency and profitability. Over the years, technology has changed considerably and our service and support model has evolved but the objectives are still the same. Work with companies in a broad spectrum of industries to use technologies to advance their goals.

Garry Booth in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons
Garry Booth in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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