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Founders, Innovators & Creators

Guests on The Next Level Show saw a need and filled it. They have built companies or improved existing ones. On The Next Level Show, they share their experiences.

Meet Bob Gibbons

Bob Gibbons is the host of The Next Level Show and founder of REATA Commercial Realty, Inc., a Real Estate Advisory & Tenant Advocacy firm based in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

After 20 years representing landlords, Bob “switched sides” when he started REATA and now exclusively represents companies and non-profits in their decisions to lease or purchase office and warehouse space. Bob does not take listings from landlords which allows him to be solely focused on his clients’ needs with no conflicts of interest. REATA is an acronym for Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate.

Bob created a unique service for managing his clients’ leases called the REATA LeaseTrac system. Having been the guy managing buildings, signing leases and approving budgets on behalf of landlords, he is uniquely able to help manage the tenant’s lease throughout the entire lease term. This saves the client time and money and ensures that an industry professional is overseeing the organization’s 2nd or 3rd highest expense.

Bob has been published in the Dallas Business Journal and other trade publications. He is a licensed Texas real estate broker, a member of a bunch of trade associations and has earned several professional designations.

Meet Jan Gibbons

Jan is the Producer of The Next Level and Director of Operations for REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. Jan has an extensive background in commercial Insurance having worked for mom-and-pop insurance agencies as well as one of the largest in the world. Her clients included oil companies, municipalities, restaurants, manufacturers, and technology companies. She also has an extensive background in education having home-schooled her two children through high school.

Jan now handles all aspects of the production of The Next Level Show as well as managing the operations of REATA.

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