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A 20-year veteran of construction services, James attended the United States Air Force Academy and Purdue University. With degrees in Structural Engineering and Construction Management, James is a seasoned home building and remodeling expert. He has distinguished himself in serving the Dallas area through the design, development, construction and renovation of exceptional living and commercial spaces.

James started his career with Centex Construction Group in Dallas, Texas. After 7 years in the commercial construction, James transferred within the company to Centex Homes. Over the next 3 years, James solidified his home building skills completing over 400 new homes and multi-family projects.

Working during the day building new homes and personally remodeling old historical homes during the evening, he and his wife Lisa restored 5 homes in 5 years acquiring numerous recognition awards for their work. In 2007, James followed his passion for remodeling and joined a partnership to remodel high-end custom homes.

The switch to custom remodeling wasn’t an easy transition. The structure and process oriented companies he was used to working with was different than the “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” remodeling of Cost-Plus contracts. Budgets were consistently blown, schedules were impossible to control and clients were upset. All the “Norm” in today’s remodeling world.

In 2011, James decided to leave the chaotic style of Cost-Plus remodeling behind and open up
JRHammel Construction that focused on a completely different method of remodeling. No longer would clients and contractor be setup for failure. No longer would 93% of the projects go 30% over budget and take 30% longer to complete. No longer would their clients not recommend their contractor 80% of the time. These were the statistics and JRHammel found the answer to eliminating those mistakes and perfect the client experience.

After 5 years of continued growth and success, according to Remodeling Magazine, JRHammel Construction Services is now in the Top50 of remodeling companies in the United States and in the Top10 in Texas based on Revenue. The core belief driving the JRH movement is that if you follow their processes and slow down the Pre-Construction portion of your project, a great experience is guaranteed. The JRH team internally trains on the “JRH Operating System” a minimum of 3 hours every week in their 6200 sf facility in Carrollton, Texas and “Getting Better” each week is “Not an Option”…. it is “Mandatory”. JRH will surpass the $5M annual revenue milestone in 2017 and continues to grow with every satisfied client.

James Hammel in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons
James Hammel in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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