Jeff Francis

Jeff Francis is the Co-Founder and President of ENO8, a Dallas-based technology company focused on innovative software product development. Jeff has a passion for innovation and for helping entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage new technologies to unlock new growth and improvement opportunities within their organizations. Jeff has over 10 years experience in the software industry and has significant expertise in mobile app development, development operations, and software product management. He has overseen teams that have completed over 350 different software development projects for companies ranging from one-person start-ups to the Fortune 500.

Jeff has lived in the Dallas area his entire life and completed his undergraduate studies in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at the University of North Texas. He now resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Stacey and their two children Hunter and Harrison.

Rishi Khanna

Rishi Khanna is Co-Founder of ENO8 and Founder and CEO of ISHIR. Rishi has rich and varied experience in offshore software development for ISV (Independent Software Vendors), Digital Marketing agencies and Casino Gaming companies. His management experience ranges from offshore program management to managing software delivery.

Rishi has over fourteen years of experience as an offshore consultant for a variety of clients ranging from technology start-ups to medium/large corporate and international entities. He possesses strong leadership skills exemplified through his experience in International Business and Offshoring IT Services. With Rishi’s experience ISHIR has developed into an outsourcing services provider that helps partners and clients successfully focus on their core competencies, improve quality of delivery, speed time-to-market, and increase profitability by setting up dedicated development teams offshore.

Before founding ISHIR, Rishi worked for Deloitte & Touche in Texas as a Management Consultant assisting Maquiladora’s in Mexico and defending cross-border transaction. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business-Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and a pending Masters degree in IT Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Jeff and Rishi in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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