Jim Dunkerley

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Jim Dunkerley has an extensive background as an executive in the mortgage industry.† He is the Founder and President of FirstFunding, a privately held non-depository company offering warehouse funding to mini-correspondent and correspondent lenders, community banks and credit unions. Jimís focus is on providing value, risk management and support through education and state-of-the-art technology.

With more than twenty five years of experience, he is a recognized expert in the mortgage market.† Jim is a well-rounded executive who believes in working with originators and mortgage investors to help them build their business one successful milestone at a time. Jim builds a company culture that directly and indirectly serves all employees and consumers at the highest levels of quality.

Jim†may be reached at jdunkerley@firstfundingusa.com.

Jim Dunkerley in the studio
Jim Dunkerley in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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