Mark Liberio

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Mark Liberio is a Managing Member and Producer for Tetra Media Group, a script to screen video production company that creates online and broadcast commercials, educational videos and they also provide video support for conferences, fund raising events and annual meetings. Mark was chosen as Small Business Person of the Year for 2014 by the Plano, TX Chamber of Commerce.

Mark attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH where he graduated with a BS in Communications. He spent several years as a manager of video production in the restaurant industry working with four major restaurant brands, Benniganís, Steak and Ale, Ponderosa and Bonanza. Before Youtube and high speed internet were commonplace, Mark worked with the chains to get an online video presence featuring product updates and testimonials from successful restaurant franchisees.

Mark started the video production company Southern Yank Communications in 2001 and later joined forces with Tetra Video to form Tetra Media Group in 2007.

Today, Mark works with businesses to create compelling video stories that market and promote their strengths and unique services and help engage new customers.

Mark Liberio in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner
Mark Liberio in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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