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Mitch Felderhoff is the president and 4th generation owner of Muenster Milling Co., along with his brother, Chad Felderhoff.

Mitch studied sports medicine at the University of North Texas where he was an intern for the sports medicine program for 3 years, working with football, soccer, basketball, and track & field. After working as an intern, Mitch spent a year as a personal trainer working for 24 hour fitness. Soon after, the family business needed help on the sales team and Mitch officially joined the family business in May of 2007.

After several years working in sales, Mitch took on the responsibility of marketing, new product development, and was named Vice President in 2009. In 2016, Mitch and his brother, Chad, reached an agreement to buy the family business. Currently. Mitch and Chad are working together with a goal of taking the company from 84 years old to a successful 100 year old business.

Since 1932, Muenster Milling has built lasting, impactful relationships with farmers, suppliers, customers, community and animals by leading with integrity.

Muenster Milling makes an innovative, extruded animal food from locally-sourced ingredients that allows for maximum availability and absorption of nutrients so your animal can perform optimally and live a healthier life.

Mitch Felderhoff in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons.
Mitch Felderhoff in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons.

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