Nik Hall

Nik was born in Denver, Colorado to two parents in the medical field. Contrary to what many believe, his parents never pushed that he go work in the medical field, but rather to do what he loves that could make me a living. After moving 3 times before the age of 10, they finally settled down in Southlake, TX where Nik finished high school. Originally, Nik had accepted and paid the deposit to Loyola of Maryland. But after his mom convinced him to go look at TCUís campus, he gave in and found that it was an amazing campus. Nik attended Texas Christian University from 2012 to May 2016, where he graduated with an Entrepreneurial management degree. Before graduating, Nik started vitafive with his business partner, Garrett Adair. Garrett and Nik met freshman year in Calculus class, where they constantly talked about business ideas and what their goals in life were. After a slow start to vitafive, Nik and Garrett finally figured out a formula to spark some growth in the company. Now Garrett and Nik are running a team at vitafive that continues to help their members stay consistent with their healthy lifestyle.

Garrett Adair

Garrett Adair grew up in Northern California. All the men in his family have either started or run businesses so his raising was surrounded by entrepreneurialism. Right around the time, he was looking at colleges to attend his family decided to move to Texas so he ended up Narrowing his choices down to schools in Texas and chose TCU. Garrett met Nik in his first class during his first semester at TCU and started bouncing off ideas until Junior year when he and Nik decided to go with “vitafive”. Garrett launched vitafive with Nik on March 4th, 2016 and have been growing the business ever since.

Vitafive logo

Nik and Garrett in the studio Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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