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Randy Haran is the Founder of Penny Strategies. Penny Strategies offers a platform of a business methodology and strategies that provide a solid foundation for the entrepreneur and their business.

Randy is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Air Composites (TAC), one of the nationís leading FAA authorized repair centers for composite structures. Haran co-founded TAC in 2000 along with his brother Michael. TAC prides itself on industry leading turn-times, outstanding customer service and extremely competitive pricing that is based on their unique approach of turning previously expendable components into cost efficient repair solutions. TAC currently retains 92 full time employees, services commercial and regional airlines around the world, and achieved revenues of $19 million in 2013, with an expectation to see that figure rise to $22 million for 2014. TACís impeccable reputation and designation as a Domestic 145 Repair Station has recently attracted a new parent company, Aviation Technical Services (ATS), who sought to acquire TAC to expand within the Dallas/Fort Worth market.

Haran was born in Dallas, and grew up in the surrounding area where his father worked at HAC Corporation, the family-owned composite repair facility. He graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Marketing and began his aviation career at HAC as a Contract Administrator and Sales Manager. He then went to work for McDonnell-Douglas (which eventually became the Boeing Company) as Sales Director & Business Development in the MRO sector of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

With a style that reflects more Jimmy Buffett than Warren Buffett, Haran has infused TAC and the MRO Industry with his own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit over the years. This unique style of management is based on a passionate belief in Open Book Management, which encourages each employee to understand the inner workings of the business and thus, become truly invested in success of the company as a whole. As a result, Haran has been recognized by numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine (Entrepreneurís Hot 100 List, Hot 500 List), Inc. Magazine (Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, Top 100 Transportation Companies), as well as organizations such as The Great Game of Business, for which TAC is being recognized as a 2014 Hall of Fame Company, and a 2014 All-Star nominee.

Randy Haran in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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