Rich SweeneyR.H. Sweeney Associates

Rich Sweeney is the Founder and CEO of R.H. Sweeney Associates. R.H. Sweeney Associates is in the business of helping organizations improve the productivity of their workforce and increase career satisfaction.

Rich is a constructive catalyst, a “game changer”, for thousands of executives and people managers who want to improve themselves as leaders, while favorably impacting the top and the bottom line performance of their companies. His energetic communication style is magnetic as he imparts his passion for identifying innate potential and genius within people, while clearing away the perceived roadblocks that hold leaders back from achieving strategic results.

Intensely motivated by nature, Rich executes to a vision to be an objective guide for leaders who expect brilliant performance not only from themselves, but from the individuals on their team.

Sweeney is an experienced session presenter who imparts relevant information, immediate value and an uncommon optimism with respect to the tremendous power the many human components within an organization have in determining its ultimate success. Serving a broad spectrum of business sectors, Sweeney delivers exceptional results in the areas of Leadership Development, Team Building, Employee Motivation, Executive Coaching, Interviewing Strategies, Communication, and Selling Skills.

Rich empowers individuals and teams with the knowledge and skill to improve productivity and career satisfaction, as well as be more effective when engaging with colleagues and customers.

Rich Sweeney in the studio with Steven Neuner and Bob Gibbons

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