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Rob is a life-long student of sales and marketing. His career is dedicated to assisting businesses achieve outstanding market growth through highly effective sales and marketing processes. He has developed a proven and reliable eight-step methodology to help clients achieve this goal, which is outlined in his new book, Launch Your Sales.

Rob speaks frequently to corporations, business groups and professional associations, delivering a passionate and informative message on how to achieve sales success. He combines his entrepreneurial outlook with his love of business development to help his audiences envision their own successful ventures.

His sales career began when he joined KPMG Consulting in 1996, where he spent eight highly successful years. There, Rob achieved the Presidentís Club award for five consecutive years due to superior sales performance. He then progressed to sales management, leading sales teams to outstanding results and nationwide recognition. He also was one of the firmís senior sales trainers in their market-leading sales methodology and process.

Following his time at KPMG, Rob was President and CEO of Rash & Associates, L.P., a nationwide firm specializing in business process outsourcing for over five hundred clients. After building the firm to over one hundred consultants, they were acquired by Duff & Phelps, a publicly-traded competitor. The merger resulted in an extremely successful new division for Duff & Phelps.

Rob currently serves as President and CEO of Olympia Consulting, LLC. The Dallas-area firm is dedicated to helping businesses develop improved sales processes that result in market leading growth. Their clients come from multiple industries including: professional services, corporate training, manufacturing, technology, logistics and many others. He and co-founder, David Reed, lead an outstanding group of professionals dedicated exclusively to client success.

Robert Rash in the studio with Bob Gibbons.

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