Shane Hobbs
Shane Hobbs

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Shane Hobbs is the founder and CEO of Dallas – Fort Worth based Dalworth Restoration. Dalworth Restoration is run with an intense focus on customer service, innovation, quality and integrity. The business is a household name in the DFW metroplex. In fact, Shane’s hard work and ability to lead by example have a huge effect on his teams. Together, they have earned numerous industry accolades and awards, as well as respect from competitors and customers alike.

Shane’s brother-in-law, James Smith, launched Dalworth Carpet Cleaning in 1976. They started out scheduling and confirming appointments each morning, cleaning carpets all day and then calling customers in the evening to make sure the jobs were done in a satisfactory fashion. That challenging schedule continued seven days a week for several years, always putting the customer first. In 1989, Shane branched off and founded Dalworth Restoration.
Daworth Restoration not only restores properties in DFW, they also travel nationwide for major flooding and hurricane relief. Always the visionary and innovator, Shane later added Dalworth Rug Cleaning to the Dalworth Group of Companies.

Shane was raised in Dallas and Euless, Texas and attended Trinity High School. He is a self-made man, who developed diverse interests and hobbies through the years. Shane enjoys good food and fine wine, yoga, mountain bike riding, Formula One racing, and eclectic music. He is very much a family man and loves spending time with his kids and grandkids as well as traveling with his wife, Sherrill, and learning about various cultures, customs and languages.

Shane Hobbs and James Smith in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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