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In an era of increasing digitization of services and amidst the economic downturn in 2008, Stephen Bohanon saw a golden opportunity to disrupt the digital banking industry and fill a market niche. When large financial institutions began scaling back on innovation, Stephen decided to push forward. With an extensive career in financial services, opportune timing, and determination, Stephen set out to develop a digital platform that would enable small to mid-sized banks and credit unions to compete with the progressive demands of online banking, and in turn, empower their users. The result? Alkami Ė a company that transforms the way consumers manage their financial future. For Stephen, itís more than just about building a seamless banking software; Alkami transforms the way people live.

Stephen’s journey was fueled by drive, optimism and responsibility. As an entrepreneur, Stephen had an unwavering belief in the product, its success, and its need in the marketplace. As the company and team grew, he was inspired by the added layer of responsibility to succeed for his clients and employees; he was not willing to let them down. Stephenís entrepreneurial optimism and ability to manage and take risks have propelled him to create one of todayís leading digital banking solutions.

After 9 years of business, what was once a modest makeshift office above a Coldstone Creamery, has become a flourishing 4-floor, 360+ employee operation in the heart of Plano. Today, Alkami serves upwards of 100 financial institutions, empowering their 5.4MM+ users to make the most of their financial futures. This is the result of Stephenís drive, determination, perseverance, and limitless vision.

Stephen Bohanon in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner
Stephen Bohanon in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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