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Tom Hawes founded JTHawes Consulting, LLC, to bring the lessons of effective strategy and competitive intelligence to high technology business leaders. He is a regular columnist in the Competitive Intelligence Magazine published by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. He is also founder of the Competitive Intelligence Case Studies site used by global thought leaders to discuss and debate solutions to strategy problems.

In 2011, Tom became the C12 Chair for Collin and Denton Counties. C12 Group recently celebrated 24 years of helping Christian CEO and Business Owners around the country through the executive roundtables that are formed and facilitated by chairs like Tom. Tom has created five such boards that meet each month to discuss business improvement, leadership development and Christian ministry. The companies represented in these groups are diverse including representatives from industries such as construction, retail, finance, healthcare, real estate, IT, software development, telecommunications and more. The dozens of CEOs have businesses that range in revenue from less than $1M to greater than $100M in annual sales. Tom’s role is to guide, encourage and inspire the members to build excellent businesses while understanding that God has given each owner a unique opportunity to live out their faith in the marketplace.”

At the defense systems business, Tom was responsible for software development, systems architecture and team leadership for multiple integrated hardware and software projects. Later, his focus shifted to management of industrial computing systems for factories. His leadership role there was to manage the teams that specified, developed and supported a leading edge factory floor control system for five high technology manufacturing lines. They also pioneered and piloted advanced software development processes for the corporation.

Tom has led multiple product development teams, worked on business growth strategies and created a systems architecture team for a $500M business education technology business. His key interests were examining how to effect change in a successful organization and how to mentor others through those changes.

More recently, Tom spent four years in a $4B Wireless semiconductor business where his focus was on software strategy and competitive intelligence. He created a division wide competitive intelligence (CI) program that tracked 15 major competitors, established standards for doing CI and completed many studies for senior management.

Tom is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and adheres to the SCIP code of ethics for Competitive Intelligence professionals. In addition, he belongs to the Association for Strategic Planning, Success North Dallas and is active in the Metroplex Technology Business Council run by the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. Tom’s Strategically Thinking Blog is regularly updated with useful articles about business and competitive strategy.

Tom’s business motto is: “Helping Smart People Think Clearly About Their Business and Competitive Strategies.”

Tom’s passion is to help people faced with strategic decisions to make meaningful changes.

Tom Hawes in the studio with Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner

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